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Basing on our rich experience and expert knowledge we design methods and projects which rely on business specific features and customers’ relations of our partners.

Our Clients Opinions:


GEOSTROY Company is already working more than 20 years on the market of geotechnical services. Great experience in piles foundations and underground structures building using most modern geotechnologies enabled us to gain many domestic and foreign customers’ confidence.

As being professionals we follow attentively for technical means and equipment development and use most modern and innovation mechanisms.

But we understand that it is necessary to use modern approaches to create relations with customers. Modernization of corporate strategy has to be founded on clear understanding of customers needs.

Cherkasov R&C Company has designed detailed base for implementation of corporate strategy of our organization development. In particular, effective working models and instruments for analyzing our partners’ needs and values were designed.

On behalf of GEOSTROY Company let me express our gratitude for your work. We highly appreciate contribution Cherkasov R&C Company and Pavel Cherkasov as a head personally made to our Company development and to our understanding of relations with clients and of internal business-processes.

We are convinced that similar projects increase essentially enterprises activity effectiveness, create additional competitive advantages and, what is more, additional value for our clients.

Good luck!

Anatoly Osokin
General Director
October 28, 2013

Group of Companies “Galaktika” is one of largest manufactures of dairy products in Russia. For today “Galaktika” Dairy Products Plant, the main Enterprise of Group of Companies is one of the most up-to-date enterprise in dairy branch in Europe. This Plant is fully automated, equipped with modern equipment and produces products of high quality.

However, product quality is ensured not only by modern equipment for milk processing and dairy production but ensured by raw milk which is supplied by our partners – milk farms.

We clearly understand that we shall not be finally sure that we shall produce and propose to our customers the dairy of high quality without construction of long term and mutually beneficial relations with our partners-suppliers.

That is why in 2010 we started realization of “Program of increasing effectiveness of collaboration with our partners”.

On behalf of Group of Companies “Galaktika” let me express my gratitude for your work and help in design and implimentation of this Program. High qualification and expertise of your Company enabled us to look newly on our relations with partners – suppliers of raw milk and develop effective steps for increasing effectiveness of Galaktika cooperation with our partners.

With kind regards,

Igor Du
The Chairman of Board
Group of Companies “Galaktika”
March 21, 2011


Let me take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of Petrocommerce Bank for your activities carried out in the frame of development of retailed clients’ service quality evaluation Program.

The main approach of our Bank is orientation on the Customer and its needs. Now our objective is to widen List of services and increase quality of service granted to our clients.

This is our first experience of collaboration with Cherkasov R&C Company and we wish to express our gratitude for high professional consultative help at designing total strategy of clients’ service quality evaluation, formulating detailed aims and tasks and designing total methodology of Evaluation Program.

Very positive moment is that Cherkasov R&C Company is oriented on Customers’ training both to methodology and how to execute independently programs of Customer Satisfaction evaluation. Realization of this Program will allow us to provide our clients with new level of Bank services.

In the process of joint work Cherkasov R&C Company, Customers’ oriented company itself, showed flexibility and creative strategy in solving our tasks.

With regards,

Oleg Grishin
Petrocommerce Bank
January 20, 2011

Tetra Pak Russia Area has been working with Cherkasov R&C for the past 10 years with our customer satisfaction surveys. With these surveys we continuously measure the satisfaction level of our key customers in Russia and Belarus.

During this time Mr. Pavel Cherkasov learnt both our business and our customer's business. Today he adds tremendous value in not only delivering survey comments and results but also in working as an important extension of Tetra Pak into our customer's organization.

With continuously using the services of Cherkasov R&C we receive now a much better understanding of customer's needs and of our strengths and weaknesses in meeting customer's expectations.

Personally I enjoy follow up discussion with Mr. Cherkasov to receive an 'outside in view' of our services and quality levels. Mr. Cherkasov is always ready to go the extra mile and I appreciate him personally as a sounding board of customer management related business discussions.

Good luck!

Winfried Muehling
Vice President, Sales Management
Tetra Pak Russia
April 06, 2010


HeadHunter Group is a service company. That is why we constantly follow the level of customer satisfaction and try to increase it daily.

Cherkasov R&C Company proposed comfortable instrument for customer satisfaction measurement and adapted it to our business. Such approach permitted to integrate fundamentally proposed method to Company’s everyday practice.

We should especially note the flexibility and real client orientation of Cherkasov R&C Company

On behalf of HeadHunter Group let me express you our sincere gratitude for effective decisions which facilitate our work.

Olga Brukovskaya
Marketing & PR Director
HeadHunter Group
March 11, 2010

Investigation of customers’ satisfaction is eternal and important in life theme for every company. How you should hear and moreover understand the real motivation of our customers, to receive the map of future strategies development. Academic knowledge and professionalism are required for this which may be obtained only in the process of work. That is why our Company has used Mr. Cherkasov’s services.

We are impressed by the accuracy and profundity of results taking into account that it was the first experience of our collaboration. And how our clients were satisfied. It is more than simple survey; this is step towards each other.

With kind regards,

Sergey Polukhun
Commercial Director
Raimbek Bottlers Company
Almaty, Kazakhstan
December 12, 2007


In October-November 2006 Cherkasov R&C Company in the person of Mr. Pavel Cherkasov carried out an evaluation of Tetra Pak Kazakhstan Ltd Customers’ satisfaction.

It was the first and, it should be noted, successful experience of our collaboration. Professional and analytic capabilities of Cherkasov R&C Company management let us compose adequate analysis of our Customers’ satisfaction. In future this data will be used for improving co-operation with the Customers.

During some years Tetra Pak Kazakhstan Ltd take part in evaluation of Customers’ satisfaction with its work. Before this year we have engaged various organizations in the process of evaluation but the quality of questioning and subsequent analysis of results were not accurate enough and did not describe the situation on the whole. After enlisting Cherkasov R&C Company into this work the level of questioning and analysis was increased significantly. Today we may state that we have got adequate results on this Programme.

On behalf of Tetra Pak Kazakhstan Ltd let me express our gratitude for your work in the frame of this Programme. We hope for further collaboration with Cherkasov R&C Company, and we are sure that service quality will be kept on the same high level. 

Felix Zobkov
Commercial Director
Tetra Pak Kazakhstan Ltd
February 9, 2007

  On behalf of Garant Company let me kindly express our gratitude for the Project realized by you on designing the method of Customers’ satisfaction evaluation and fulfilling the requirements of standards of services, which regional service Companies are providing.

Decisions and working instruments proposed by you could reflect completely both specific features of netted character of business processes in our Company and investigation methods used by us (in Moscow and regions).

Your personal active participation and assistance of your Company specialists on the stage of technique and pilot Project designing, as well as on the stage of main investigation, let us overstep to higher level in our Project.

Professional capabilities and work quality of your Company deserve the highest appraisals. 

With kind regards,

Irina Samoylova
Head of Department of methodological provision and standards
Garant Company
December 25, 2006

On behalf of Tetra Pak company let me express our gratitude for your work on the Project of Customer Satisfaction Survey.

This Program allows us to support the level of customer service on very high level to keep leading position of our company on the market.

Tetra Pak company is carrying out this Program in Russia beginning from 2000. We are grateful that during all this time you were our permanent consultant.

We are confident in extraordinary usefulness of such programs and hope on future fruitfull cooperation with you.

Best regards,

Uros Kepic
Marketing and Sales Director
Tetra Pak Russia
April 10, 2005

On behalf of Wimm-Bill-Dann Juice Project I express my gratitude for carried out Program CustomerSatisfaction 2003.

We realize the importance of our customer service level especially in today competitive situation.

Thanks to this Program we were able to find “weak” points in our work and to take necessary actions.

We hope on future fruitful cooperation.

With kind regards,

Malutin A.
Executive Director WBD BU “Juice”
March 10, 2004

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