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Market research — this is way to help us to take correct decisions.

Making research of customer satisfaction we study the present, analyze the experience of customer and Company interaction today.

Making research of loyalty we study future, analyze customer intention to collaborate with a Company and factors this collaboration will depend on.

It is impossible to separate goods and servicing quality, customer satisfaction and its loyalty — satisfied customer works on Company image whereas loyal customer (repeated customer) is profitable for a Company economically.


  • Studies of customers and suppliers satisfaction and loyalty on Â2Â market;

This study includes Company image analysis, evaluation of Company recent contacts experience, perception of goods and servicing quality in a whole and on separate dimensions, employees work analysis, the level of customer satisfaction from customers point of view, analysis of factors influencing on satisfaction and loyalty, customer or supplier desire to continue collaboration with the Company, commitment rate, readiness to recommend the Company and so on.

  • Studies of customer satisfaction and loyalty on Â2Ń market;

Researches are carried out in the same way as during on B2B market but taking into account specific character in data acquisition and analyzing.

  • Program development of satisfaction and loyalty increasing;

On the basis of results of satisfaction and loyalty studies priority fields for progress are defined, complex system of work with customers and suppliers, plans of specified arrangements on satisfaction and loyalty increasing, and also system of regular assessment of executable arrangements on the basis of a cycle “plan – measures – actions – results analysis” are designed for its implementation into regular Company activity.

  • Analysis of Company position on the market pertaining to its competitors;

Comparison of Company pertaining to its competitors or “Ideal Company” is carried out under certain indicators; analysis of Company activity correspondence to its internal standards (if so available) is carried out.

Studies are carried out both on separate parameters, for example, only satisfaction or loyalty and fully.

Main Elements of Standard Program of Customer Satisfaction Survey

“Feedback” – presentation and specification of action plans with customers and implementation of these plans


Action plans developing


Evaluation of importance and priority of revealed problems solution by supplier management


Revealing the most important points of relations with companies from customer point of view

Special actions on systematic and structural data acquisition and analysis about customers’ ideas and expectations of supplier work

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